CB Conservation Corps Making Impact In Backcountry

    The Crested Butte Conservation Corps was founded by the Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association this past spring to help deal with resource damage, trail repair, etiquette, education, and other backcountry issues that may arise.

    KBUT spoke with CBMBA director Dave Ochs to learn about what impact the CB Conservation Corps is having in the backcountry and about what they've been doing to improve the backcountry experience and protect resources.

    (Photo:  CBCC - recliner they packed out)


    CB Town Council Talks Speeding, Parking, and Transportation

    The Crested Butte Town Council and Marshals Department held a work session on Monday, July 10th, to discuss increasing traffic in the town.

    As town gets busier and busier, something will need to be done to deal with the overabundance of vehicles and the shortage of parking available during the busy months.

    Speeding, blowing stop signs, and claiming public property for private parking were all brought up and will be taken up by a to-be-created taskforce.


    Gunsight Milling Area Reclamation Coming Later This Summer

    The Gunsight Milling Area, off of the GB Loop (an extension of the Lower Loop) is set for reclamation later this year to clean up the area and dispose of heavy metals that are leeching into the groundwater near the site.

    KBUT's Chad Reich talks with Tara Tafi of the Colorado Division of Mining, Reclamation, and Safety about the project.  (Photo:  DRMS)

    Plan For Limited Camping In MBSW to Battle Resource Damage

    Adaptive management gives the Forest Service tools to use to protect natural resources when certain population thresholds are met in specific backcountry zones.

    The Conundrum Hot Springs area and the 4-Pass Loop will all see limited overnight use as well as other tools (such as the use of 'wag bags' to carry out human waste) as part of the Aspen-Sopris Ranger District's plan to keep the high country from degrading more than it has due to overuse and human impact.


    Town of CB Asks For Water Conservation Measures From Citizens

    The town's water plant is operating at capacity, and public works is asking residents and visitors to help make enough drinking water available to everyone.

    Public Works Director Rodney Due says residents should follow watering regulations (5-10 AM and 5-10 PM - odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered days, and vice versa) and consider their usage.


    The State Of Gunnison Valley Nonprofit Organizations

    KBUT spoke with Community Foundation of the Gunnison Valley Director Pam Montgomery about the current state of nonprofits in Gunnison County.

    She says many nonprofits are doing well partly because of the economy, partly because people are very giving here, and because of the important roles they play in the Gunnison Valley.


    Predator Control Program Update: Oil, Gas, & Mule Deer Population

    "Mule Deer and Energy Development - Long Term Trends of Habituation and Abundance" was published in Global Change Biology - a research journal focused on changing trends in the environment.

    The study says that predators are not solely to blame for the decline in mule deer populations in the Piecance Basin, where a predator control program is set to take place.


    Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Moves To Denver From Salt Lake City

    Outdoor Retailer leaders say their move was motivated in part because of the convenience of the city as a travel destination, in part because of Colorado's burgeoning outdoors scene, and in part because of a distaste from Utah legislators' views on public lands management.


    The Voice Of The Rodeo: Andy Stewart w/ KBUT's Chad Reich

    Andy Stewart is on the road 42 weeks a year announcing rodeos. He's the legendary voice in the booth of Cattlemen's Days, which kicks off July 7th, and he also announces the largest rodeo each year in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

    Take a listen and learn about how Andy got into rodeo announcing, how he prepares for events, and learn if he has any rodeo announcer superstitions on today's local news.

    Cattlemen's Days runs through July 16th, and the rodes are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

    (Photo:  Championship Bull Riding)  


    Dead Hummingbirds Wanted... For Science

    Researchers at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory in Gothic could use dead hummingbirds for two experiments - one in mating and one in genetics.

    Hummingbirds are important creatures to study because they pollinate the flowers here in the Elk Mountains. But also they migrate very far south and act as indicators of a changing climate for researchers' work in Gothic.
    (Photo:  David Inouye)


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