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    Fire Danger HIGH In Gunnison County - No Bans In Effect

    Most of the state is very brittle. In Gunnison County, no fire bans are in place (right now), but according to Gunnison County Emergency Management, folks using fire should be on guard.

    KBUT's Chad Reich speaks with Gunnison County Emergency Manager Scott Morrill about the current danger and what to do if it feels like someone isn't playing with fire safely.

    Local news airs at 7:59 AM, 12:06 & 6:30 PM.  


    Mt. CB Performing Arts Center Pulls The Plug On Project

    The organization has decided to stop pursuing the project due to financial constraints caused by changes to an anticipated loan.

    The organization appreciates the support they received.


    State Parks Need More Funding, But How?

    With summer here, people are flocking to the outdoors, including the trails, campsites and reservoirs of the Colorado State Parks system. Last year, the parks hit a record number of visitors – 13.5 million. But Colorado is struggling to keep up with the demand, and lawmakers are unsure of how to further fund the park system.  


    Property Tax To Fund Affordable Housing A Possibility On Ballot

    The Gunnison Valley Regional Housing Authority is considering a property tax to help fund affordable housing in the county.

    The tax would be $20 per $100,000 of assessed value for residential properties and $70 per $100,000 for commercial properties.


    Gunnison River Festival Pulls Raft / Kayak Race, Parade, Hooligan Race

    High water makes navigating a few of the features dangerous, and with strainers in the river, the Gunnison River Festival had cancel a few events for participants' safety.  Listen to this chat with Joellen Fonken here on KBUT.  


    Unit 54 Big Game Management Scoping Meeting This Coming Tuesday

    At the meeting, wildlife managers will learn what the public wants to see in terms of elk population, and they will combine public perception with responsible elk herd management to create population objectives.

    Anyone with an interest in wildlife management - sportspeople, ranchers, recreationists, and wildlife watchers - are invited to attend the. It will be held Tuesday, June 27th at 6:30 PM at the Gunnison Fairgrounds.


    Resource Protection Through Camping Closure, Citizen Action, Bus

    Several attempts are being made to protect the Upper East River Valley - such as citizen-created programs that have volunteers in the woods, to a bus, to a camping closure around the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory.

    The goal of the camping closure is to protect natural resources and sensitive research sites around Gothic during the busiest months (June 15 - August 15), while other initiatives are aimed at curbing harmful behavior in the backcountry.  


    Mt. CB Performing Arts Center Pull The Plug On Project

    The organization has decided to stop pursuing the project due to financial constraints caused by changes to an anticipated loan.

    The organization appreciates the support they received.


    Old City Shop Building to Come Down...But May Rise Again!

    With ties to a crucial part of Gunnison history, not to mention connections with significant historical figures, the Gunnison Gas and Waterworks Building, nicknamed the Old City Shop, has a good case for preservation. Being behind a fence with little value to the public, however, means that it must come down; but that might not be the end of one of the City's oldest structures.

    (Photo Courtesy of the Gunnison Historic Preservation Comission and Duane Vandenbusche: The Gunnison Gas and Waterworks Building (Left) was built during a time of "tremendous growth" in the Gunnison Area.)

    For more photos, including what the building looks like today, follow us Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter


    CBMR Skier Days Up 5.6%, Room Nights Up 7.7%

    The resort had a good year businesswise. The resort is thanking the snow gods and recognizing the marketing efforts they've made to skiers on the Front Range.

    January was a huge boost, as skiers flocked to CB's slopes to pillage the 11 feet that fell during the month.

    Who knows what next year will bring!


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