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Capitol Conversation- Pubic Pensions
April 24, 2018

A major piece of legislation to reform public pensions in Colorado is making its way through the state capitol. Marianne Goodland with Colorado Politics and Ed Sealover with the Denver Business Journal discuss how it’s shaping up with statehouse reporter Bente Birkeland.

KBUT airs Capitol Conversations, a series of reporter roundtables, as part of our regular coverage of the State Capitol.  



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NPR Newscaster and Former Wait Wait Co-Host Carl Kasell Dies at Age 84
April 17, 2018

We received sad news from NPR today (4/17):

Every weekday for more than three decades, his baritone steadied our mornings. Even in moments of chaos and crisis, Carl Kasell brought unflappable authority to the news. But behind that hid a lively sense of humor, revealed to listeners late in his career, when he became the beloved judge and official scorekeeper for Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! NPR's news quiz show.

Kasell died Tuesday (4/17) from complications from Alzheimer's disease in Potomac, Md. He was 84.

Read more about his amazing life here:

Hear Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! Saturdays at 1pm on KBUT.

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Trampe Ranch Protected Forever From Development
April 14, 2018

Multiple partners have helped protect the Trampe Ranch from development, and the land is now under a conservation easement. Learn about the project and how it benefits open space efforts as well as sensitive climate research here on KBUT.

(Photo:  Xavier Fane / Trust for Public Land)

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Elk Mountains Avalanches: Year in Review
April 14, 2018

KBUT's Chad Reich spoke with Crested Butte Avalanche Center Director Ben Pritchett about the 2017-2018 winter in avalanche activity in our region.

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Storage Units in High Demand, More Options Coming to Gunnison County
April 14, 2018

Two projects to expand the amount of storage units are coming to the area, and will be developed just north of Gunnison. Owners of storage units mostly say the demand is high for personal and business storage. Units are now being used for commercial purposes, such as storage for retail stock or for the growing number of contractors and subcontractors in the area, as well as personal storage.

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Marijuana Amnesty Box Use Update
April 14, 2018

More people are using the amnesty box to dispose of their unused marijuana in the Crested Butte Marshals Office. An officer with the Gunnison Police Department says the box in the airport is being used. People we spoke with at Mt. Crested Butte Town Hall, where there is also an amnesty box, said they aren't sure if anyone has actually used it.

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Community Health Leaders Explore 'Zero Suicide'
April 12, 2018

Public health systems across the country and the world are adopting a policy called "Zero Suicide," after it showed an 80 percent reduction in sucides in its first case study. 

The Center for Mental was last year awarded a grant to implement the method. KBUT's Christopher Biddle attended a meeting with public health leaders in the Gunnison Valley to find out more. 

Posted by Christopher Biddle (
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Flood Gate Operators LIVE on KBUT's "Orange Blossom Special"
April 11, 2018

The local 4-piece bluegrass outfit stopped by to chat with Trish "The Dish" about the band, their plans, and of course, about BLUEGRASS!

Band members from left-to-right are Zach Vaughter, Scott Stewart, Brian Liebermann, and Ryan Maddux.  

Take a listen to the interview and in-studio performance by clicking the play button or the link below.

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Forest Plan Revision Comment Period Underway
April 10, 2018

The forest plan for the Grand Mesa, Uncompaghre, and Gunnison National Forest (GMUG) is a document that guides what happens - and where - in a national forest. Items of consideration include recreation, management for clean water supplies, ranching operations, energy development, mining, wildlife management, and the preservation of backcountry or wilderness experiences.

Comments can be made by following this link to the GMUG website, where webinars and videos are available as a guide to help you comment on your forest plan.  

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Bus Riders Skipped, RTA Considering More Service
April 9, 2018

The valley's transit service has been full on several occasions this past winter, leaving some riders to wait for the next bus, or search for alternate transportation.

According to the Rural Transportation Authority, the bus transported 175,000 riders last year and left about 400 people at the stop, about .05% of total riders.

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Eleven Experience Withdraws Their Application for a Helipad in Irwin
April 5, 2018

The area around Irwin will remain free of chartered or private helicopter flights, at least for now. The Eleven Experience, owners and operators of the Scarp Ridge Lodge, and Irwin Guides, have withdrawn their application to the County Planning Commission to install a helipad at their Irwin location.

KBUT’s Christopher Biddle reports.

Photo by Channing Boucher

Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Scott Tipton on the Firing of David Shulkin, the budget, and More
April 5, 2018

Every month, Rocky Mountain Community Radio member station KDNK has conversation with congressman Scott Tipton of Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. This month's interview with reporter Raliegh Burliegh features questions on the firing of David Shulkin and more. 


Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Snowmobile Rides and Snowstorms, on This Week's KBUT Sunday Specials
April 5, 2018

Join KBUT ths Sunday afternoon at 3 for our Sunday Specials. It's the place in our programming schedule where we hand-pick documentaries, special features, limited series, podcasts, audio art, and assorted specials.

On this week's Sunday Specials, Brian Corliss just wanted to quench his thirst on a snowmobile ride. But he grabbed the wrong bottle. And, Karen Klein got trapped in a snowstorm near the Grand  Canyon. But she pushed through to save her family.

It’s stories of “where humans and habitat meet,” with two episodes of HumaNature, produced by Wyoming Public Media.
Posted by Mark Duggan
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Hear Our West Elk Word Interview With George Sibley
April 4, 2018

Author George Sibley is a part of the Gunnison Country landscape. The longtime local resident has been a ski bum and editor of the Crested Butte newspaper. He also wrote for the beloved Mountain Gazette for many years.

In this encore edition of KBUT's West Elk Word, host Toni Todd talks to Sibley about his experiences during the late 1960s in Crested Butte, a time of transition from the old mining culture to the new counterculture.

This is a two-part interview, with both parts available below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Posted by Mark Duggan
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Luke Mehall Talks About How Climbing Helped With Severe Depression
April 4, 2018

KBUT's Mark Duggan interviewed author Luke Mehall about how rock climbing helped his severe depression. The interview was conducted in 2016 in Durango.

Mehall appears at Western State Colorado University Thursday, April 5 and will talk about his life, his writing, and climbing.

Mehall blogs at

Posted by Mark Duggan
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Cut Chemist Interview on KBUT
April 4, 2018

KBUT DJ Mark Robbins interviews Cut Chemist ahead of his Crested Butte concert on April 6, 2018. Mark started the interview by asking about his music and sound.

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Sports Barrel - 4/4/18
April 4, 2018

Titans Girls' Soccer and Track had good weekends and the Snowblade Extremes brought carnage and glory. Also, more love advice from a former mayor of Cincinnati.

Posted by Jackson
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Phase One of West Elk Mine Expansion Complete
April 2, 2018

According to Crested Butte-based environmental watchdog High Country Conservation Advocates, the West Elk Mine has completed "phase one" of its mine expansion, which involves blazing new roads and three exploration pads.

Photo: HCCA

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Need Growing for Fire Mitigation in Homes at Wildland-Urban Interface
March 28, 2018

The West Region Wildfire Council is a nonprofit operating in Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Delta, Ouray, and San Miguel Counties with the goal of helping homes in the wildland-urban interface (WUI) become stand-alone defensible. The West Region Wildfire Council offers free assessments to homes in and out of the WUI and can help facilitate grants for mitigation efforts on private property.

Their website can be found here.

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Sports Barrel - 3/28/18
March 27, 2018

Titans Soccer and Track had a great weekend while the Grand Traverse was happening, and the CB Freeride team is making a run at the North American Championships. Also, Ray Romano always wanted to be a sportscaster.

Posted by Jackson
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