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Gunnison Valley Appraisals Finally Accounting for 'Green Builds'
December 8, 2017

Go with a "green build" in the Gunnison Valley, and you'd think that would add to the appraised value of your home, but it's only recently that the housing market has woken up to the value efficient designs, and it may all hinge on the sale of a single home. Reporter Christopher Biddle filed this feature report.

Photo: Dusty Silvenson (Top right) and homeowner JT Ryan (bottom, third from left) hosted a demo/work day at JT's new home. Their company, Straw and Timber Craftsmen, which Dusty owns, specializes in highly efficient homes that are insulated with straw bales. 
Posted by Christopher Biddle -


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Crested Butte Mayor's Runoff Forum 12-7-17
December 7, 2017

The Mayor's chair in Crested Butte is still vacant due to a unique clause requiring a 50% vote.  

KBUT and the Crested Butte News held the Mayor's Runoff Forum on Thursday, December 7th at the Mallardi Theatre.  

Take a listen, and vote if you live in the town.

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Center for the Arts Update On Fundraising And Construction
December 6, 2017

On Monday, December 4th, Center for the Arts Board President Ed Schmidt and Executive Director Jenny Birnie gave the Crested Butte Town Council an update on fundraising and construction.

The report was that the project remains the same in terms of timeline, scope, appearance, and final product.

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Why Not Make Water From Scratch in the Dry West?
December 6, 2017

Water issues in the West are notoriously complicated. But they don't have to be. Luke Runyon, who covers water issues for KUNC in Northern Colorado, is tracking down answers to tough water questions, and today, he starts with some chemistry basics.

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CB Becomes First to Tax Short-Term Rentals More Than Hotels
December 6, 2017

In a 6-0 vote, the Crested Butte Town Council enacted the tax on short-term rentals that will go to fund an affordable housing program in the town.  The tax will be another part of the puzzle in regulating the industry that the town staff says is linked to a shortage of housing along with licensing, a cap on the number of licenses, fees, enforcement, 

The fund can be used on various affordable housing projects in and outside of town limits.

With this tax, Crested Butte becomes the first jurisdiction or municipality to tax the industry at a higher rate than traditional lodging such as hotels.

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Sports Barrel 12/6/17
December 6, 2017

Titans Hockey shines in CSprings, Boys and Girls Hoops show mixed results, and the Irwin Rando Race doesn't get the snow it needs. Also, that's like putting your whole mouth on the dip.

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Crisis Intervention Training Improves Mental Health Offerings
December 4, 2017

Several officers from the Crested Butte Marshal's Department attended a Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) in Grand Junction earlier this year.  The training is designed to give law enforcement experience with various simulated crisis situations, including potential homicides and suicides.

The CIT improves mental health offerings in Gunnison County, where there is a lack of mental health offerings due to various factors:  distance from treatment, the price of private psychiatric care, substance abuse, seasonality, depression, and a shortage of resources for mental health providers statewide.

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Lawmaker Calls for Lebsock's Firing
December 4, 2017

A lawmaker has drafted a resolution to oust Representative Steve Lebsock from office. He is accused of sexual harassment.  Bente Birkeland reports from the Capitol that Lebsock continues to fight for his political career.

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CB Town Council Work Session on Brush Creek Proposal 11-30-17
December 1, 2017

The Crested Butte Town Council held a work session on the housing development proposal known as "The Corner at Brush Creek" on Thursday, November 30th.

KBUT was on hand and made this recording.  

You can download and listen later or stream the entire meeting right here.

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Crested Butte's Short-Term Rental Tax: Vacasa's Response
November 29, 2017

The town is preparing to tax short-term and vacation rentals 5% on top of the 13.4% all lodging in the town pays. That would bring the total tax paid by users of short-term and vacation rentals to 18.4%.

Officials with the town say the disparity in the tax rate is meant to level the playing field with the higher commercial property taxes paid by traditional lodging (hotels / bnb's) vs. the lower residential property taxes paid by short-term rentals operating in houses.

To gather an industry response, we spoke with Cliff Johnson, co-founder of Vacasa, a full-scale property management and rental firm who operates units in Crested Butte.

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Habitat For Humanity: An Application Primer
November 29, 2017

Gunnison Valley Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications for a recycled unit until the end-of-business on Friday, December 1st.

To learn more about the process of getting into a Habitat home, and how to qualify, we spoke with Julie Robinson, Director of Gunnison Valley Habitat for Humanity.

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Pitkin County Racing to Keep up With E-bike Popularity
November 28, 2017

Electric bikes have cruised to popularity, and local governments are scrambling to keep up. Changes in state laws have left a patchwork of policies, and e-bikers aren’t always sure where they can ride.

Aspen Public Radio's Elizabeth Stewart-Severy took to the trails to check out the new technology and brings us this report.  (Photo:  Elizabeth Stewart-Severy / Aspen Public Radio)

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CB Town Manager Dara MacDonald on Brush Creek Proposal
November 28, 2017

KBUT's Chad Reich sat down with Crested Butte Town Manager Dara MacDonald to discuss the town's views on the proposed Corner at Brush Creek housing development.

The Crested Butte Town Council will hold a work session this Thursday at 6 PM at Crested Butte Town Hall to learn more about the proposal from the developers, Gatesco.

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Jokerville Mine Disaster Memorialized by Town of Crested Butte
November 22, 2017

The Jokerville Mine exploded in 1884, killing 60 men inside the shaft, which was located about 1/4 mile from the center of Crested Butte.

This past summer the Crested Butte Cemetery Committee put a lot of hard work in finally recognizing and laying these men to rest.

Learn about the memorial by listening to this special Thanksgiving Day local news cut right here or at 7:59 AM, 12:06, and 6:30 PM.

Click play below to hear the story now.

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High-Speed Transportation System "Arrivo" to be Tested in Denver
November 22, 2017

The Colorado Department of Transportation announced a new high-speed mass transit system will be tested along E-470.

"Arrivo" was developed by Brogan BamBrogan, a co-founder at the Hyperloop project.

The system is billed as one that could end traffic and congestion issues and add to the economy as less time will be spent in a vehicle.

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Tax Collections on Vacation Rentals & STR's Could Begin January 1st
November 21, 2017

The council passed the 1st reading of an ordinance to both tax short-term rentals and allocate that money to an affordable housing fund. 

The council could lower the 5% tax approved by a ratio of 4-1 by voters on November 7th, but there is no indication they are planning to do so. 

The next reading will be held on December 4th, and the ordinance could be passed at that meeting.  Public comment will be taken.  

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West Elk Word: Crested Butte Chief Marshal, Mike Reily
November 21, 2017

Chief Marshal Mike Reily shares the busy summer from a law enforcement perspective. He also gives us some safety tips, a little insight into the job and training for police officers, positive reinforcement for kids, and more.

Listen on Saturdays at noon for the "West Elk Word," or check our website regulary for the latest episodes.  

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"Paranormal Pursuits" - WSCU's Ghost-Hunting Student Group
November 20, 2017

Many believe that there are ghosts in the Gunnison Valley.  Now there’s a group researching and documenting the unknown.   

KBUT’s Ian Johnson reports on Paranormal Pursuits, the new club at Western state Colorado University dedicated to exploring and understanding a whole new world.  

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Parks and Wildlife Encourage Coloradans to Get Outside on Black Friday
November 17, 2017

 An estimated 164 million Americans say they’ll go shopping over this coming Thanksgiving Weekend. That’s almost 70 percent of the country. At the same time, one of the nation’s largest outdoor recreation retailers is leading the charge to encourage Americans to “Opt Outside.” State agencies across the country, including here in Colorado, are hopping on board.

Now in it’s third year, has REI’s Opt Outside add campaign had any affect on “Black Friday” as we know it? Chris Biddle wanted to find out and filed this report. 

(Photo courtesey of Colorado Parks and Wildlife)

Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Venture Still Live on the Playin' Thru Show
November 16, 2017

Venture Still drops by the Playin' Thru Show with live songs, a track off their EP, and conversation with Tyler about "the process", touring, and more. They'll be playing live on Friday night at Timbers in Gunnison, and on Saturday at the Eldo in Crested Butte with MILLK.

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