Soul Train returns on Friday, March 29, 2019!

It's the greatest dance party of the year! KBUT's Soul Train Night returns Friday, March 29, 8 p.m. at the Elevation Hotel & Spa. Our own DJ Triple L will be spinning the tunes, along with front range favorites DJ Turnstyle and DJ Stache! SOUL TRAIN 2019 HAS SOLD OUT!!!
Soul Train Night is KBUT's longest-running fundraiser. Crowds from throughout the Gunnison Valley and beyond come decked-out in their grooviest duds to dance, party and crown a new King and Queen of Soul! It's a must-attend event for longtime residents and visitors alike.  

Lodging: Stay where the magic happens. Book your room at The Elevation Hotel and Spa. Use "SOULTRAIN" for an exclusive discount!  
Visit or call 970-251-3000 for more information. 


Pictures from Soul Train 2018!

Photography by Lydia Stern

Congratulations to Julia Nania and Junior Silva our 2018 Queen and King of Soul!  Who will be the next Queen and King of Soul in 2019?????
Year Soul Train Royalty
2017 Khari Martino / Hailey Lofler
2016 Allie McFarland / Michael Cunningham
2015 Laura Puckett / Anthony Perez
2014 Tiff Simpson / Scott Stewart
2013 Sasha Chudacoff / Nick Hill
2012 Lauren Murray / Chuck McKenrick
2011 Camille St. Martin / Mark Ewing
2010 Stephanie White
2009 Dana Allen
2008 Felicia Hermosillo
2007 Arvin Ram
2006 Vanessa Neumann
2005 Justin Hawkins
2004 Valerie Newman
2003 Andrew Hadley
2002 Stephanie Prater
2001 Sean Riley
2000 Shannon Mujica
1999 Wes Williams
1998 Karah Cunningham
1997 Graham Ullrich
1996 Dayna Christy
1995 Rueben Villanueva
1994 Genevieve Bachman
1993 ???? (do you know? email if you do!)
1992 Marie McHale
1991 Dave Moody
1990 Lynda Jackson

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