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    Outside/In, August 12: David Hawkins on Climate Chang

    On this week's Outside/In, we hear from David Hawkins, Director of the Climate Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council, on climate change and the political challenges of addressing it.

    Outside/In is a weekly public affairs program produced by KBUT. The program features interviews with guest speakers at the Crested Butte Public Policy Forum. Hear archived episodes at the Outside/In page.

    Listen to the episode: 

    Pedal Steel Guitarist Roosevelt Collier Plays Live on KBUT

    Roosevelt Collier and his band dropped by the KBUT studios during our summer membership drive. We cleared out the phone room, pushed away the tables, and made room for some amplifiers, a pedal steel, and a big drum kit!

    The south Florida-based musician is touring in support of his most recent album, Exit 16. Collier and his trio are regular performers at music festivals. He's played alongside the Allman Brothers, the Los Lobos and the Del McCoury Band.

    Listen to Roosevelt Collier live on KBUT:


    Parties React to Capping Housing Project at 180 Units

    On Tuesday, The Board of County Commissioners approved a recommendation from the Gunnison County Planning Commission that The Corner at Brush Creek, a proposed workforce housing project, should be limited to no more than 180 units. Three of the four parties who own the land met Tuesday. The Crested Butte Town Council, which has opposed the project since its inception, lamented that their list of conditions was never fully presented to the commissioners. They continue to oppose the development, while the county and CBMR support it. That leaves the fourth owner of the land, Mount Crested Butte, with the deciding vote. Meanwhile, Gatesco, the project developer, says they will move forward with an eye toward 180 units.

    Photo credit: Christopher Biddle

    Christopher Biddle reports:


    Sports Barrel - 8/8/18

    Softball playoffs are in full swing, the Tommy V Ball Bash is this weekend, and we're in the middle of the Pledge Drive. Also, Tone Loc, Shia LaBeouf, The Senate, and Ahnuld wish you would do it, and the Von Trapps bid you adieu.

    Planning Commission Puts Caps on Brush Creek Housing Proposal

    The Gunnison County Planning Commission recently got a chance to weigh in on the Corner at Brush Creek, a proposed housing development two miles south of Crested Butte. They added a condition that would cap the project at 180 housing units. Representatives of Gatesco, the project's applicant, say they'll try to work within those constraints. They originally proposed 240 units on the property before scaling it back to 220.

    Photo: Gunnison County Community Commissioners examine the Corner Brush Creek housing proposal at a recent meeting. Credit: Christopher Biddle.

    Christopher Biddle reports:


    Scientist Tracks Real-Time Air Quality in Gunnison Valley

    You can now track Gunnison County's air quality in real-time, thanks to David Innouye at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. He installed a new sensor in Gothic that measures real-time air quality information and sends it to an online database of similar sensors around the world.

    Air quality in the Gunnison Valley has been affected recently by the Buttermilk and Bull Draw fires burning in southwest Colorado.

    Photo: A new air quality sensor in Gothic has joined a worldwide network of similar devices. Photo courtesy of David Innouye.

    Christopher Biddle reports:


    West Elk Word Aug 4 2018 - Jonathan Thompson on Mines, Spills & Rivers

    On August 5, 2015, the toxic secrets of the Gold King Mine spilled forth. Crews accidentally breached a plug holding back mine wastes. Within hours, three million gallons of heavy metals-laden wastewater spilled into area watersheds and through downstream towns and farms. Author Jonathan Thompson has written a book, River of Lost Souls, that documents what became one of Colorado's worst environmental disasters.

    On this week's episode of West Elk Word, KBUT's weekly public affairs interview program, we spoke with Thompson about the toxic history of mining in Colorado and whether a similar spill could happen in Gunnison County. Hear the West Elk Word Saturdays at noon and listen to archived episodes anytime.

    Photo: On the banks of the Animas River in Durango two days after the 2015 Gold King Mine spill. Credit: Mark Duggan.

    Hear our interview with Jonathan Thompson:

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