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Your KBUT Newscast for Friday, March 22
March 22, 2019

The federal government has approved adding more than 17-hundred acres to the controversial West Elk Mine in Gunnison County.

Democrats at the statehouse on Tuesday introduced a bill that sets an ambitious goal for combatting climate change in Colorado.

Mesa Verde National Park is one crucial step closer to having its own special license plate.

Photo Credit: Christopher Biddle

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Your KBUT Newscast for Thursday, March 21
March 21, 2019

Colorado lawmakers have unveiled a bipartisan proposal to spend more money on roads, public schools and colleges.

A bill to re-write the rules for sexual harassment complaints at the state capitol is expected to be be introduced this week.

A selection committee for Lot 22, the county’s workforce housing project on a 5 acre parcel of land in North Gunnison, has chosen to work with Gatesco a Houston-Texas based developer with ties to the Gunnison Valley.

Listen to the Newscast:

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Sports Barrel - 3/20/19
March 19, 2019

Kochevar's takes the Town League Hockey Crown while Titans Track and Field and Girls' Soccer start their seasons with success on the road. Looking ahead, the 45th Annual Al Johnson Uphill/Downhill race is this weekend, and Than lays out the deets.

Listen Here:
Posted by Jackson
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Your KBUT Newscast for Tuesday, March 19
March 19, 2019

Colorado has officially joined a group of states that would have the national popular vote to determine the presidency.

Mentally ill people stuck in Colorado's jails while they await treatment before trial are set to get a reprieve.

Renovations to future mental health therapy spaces in Crested Butte are underway. The Center For Mental Health, a Western Slope Non-profit that serves six counties, will run the facility.

Listen to the Newscast: 

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Your KBUT Newscast for Monday, March 18
March 18, 2019

State leaders visited Gunnison on Saturday. It was Gov. Jared Polis' first visit to the Gunnison Valley since being sworn in earlier this year. 

Uncertainty over the governor’s top budget priority comes after a weaker than expected revenue forecast was released on Friday.

We're past the hump. The number of visitors to the Gunnison Valley will steadily drop to less than three thousand by next Sunday. 

Listen to the Newscast: 

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Governor, State Reps. Talk Full-Day Kindergarten in Gunnison
March 18, 2019

By Christopher Biddle

Jared Polis on Saturday made his first visit to the Gunnison Valley since assuming governorship earlier this year. He appeared alongside democratic Reps. Barbara McLachlan and Julie McCluskie at Western Colorado University. They answered questions from the audience and rallied for support of upcoming legislation.

Among the most talked about bills was one aimed at providing free full-day kindergarten to Coloradans, something Polis has called his primary goal for this legislative session.

The Governor’s own economic forecast, released on Friday, show’s enough [more...]
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Your KBUT Newscast for Friday, March 15
March 15, 2019

A Democratic-backed measure to require all employers and workers in Colorado to contribute to a paid family-leave fund cleared a Senate committee on a party-line vote this week.

Colorado lawmakers from both parties are getting behind a proposal to ban cell phone use while driving

Eastern Colorado comes back to life after a blizzard earlier this week while parts of Western Colorado are still dealing with unsafe avalanche conditions.

Listen to the Newscast:

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Your KBUT Newscast for Thursday March 14
March 14, 2019

A Colorado State Patrol Corporal  was killed in Weld County Wednesday morning on Interstate 76. 

After two days of fierce partisanship at the state Capitol, the Colorado Senate has approved a bill to give local governments more control over oil and gas drilling operations

State lawmakers want poor people charged with petty crimes not to get stuck in jail because they can't afford a cash bond. 

Lake City has been rocked by more avalanches, while three victims of a slide that [more...]
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Your KBUT Newscast for Wednesday March 13
March 13, 2019

Lake City officials declared a 'local emergency' after two avalanches damaged homes in two days. 

Colorado attorney general Phil Weiser and Governor Jared Polis are suing the Trump administration.

Despite a strong snowpack, water managers say Blue Mesa likely won't refill any time soon. 

Listen to the News Cast:

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Blue Mesa Unlikely to Recover Soon from Historic Drought
March 13, 2019

By Sam Liebl

The Gunnison River Basin is home to the Blue Mesa Reservoir, Colorado’s largest body of water, which has seen historically low levels in the past year due to severe drought.

This winter, however, is seeing above-average snowpack in the region. Will it be enough to refill the reservoir? Water managers say that a combination of parched earth, increased usage, and downstream shortages likely means the answer is ‘no.’

Listen to the story: 

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Your KBUT Newscast for Tuesday, March 12
March 12, 2019

United Airlines is increasing service in and out of the Gunnison Valley. Starting in June, the airline will add a dailly flight to Houston and back. 

The action of a 16-year-old climate activist in Sweden, who went on strike in August last year  has grown into a global movement, including here in Colorado. 

Republicans in the Colorado Senate are trying to delay hearings on proposed oil and gas regulations and a repeal of the death penalty because they think Democrats are pushing the legislation through too fast

Young entrepreneurs will soon have one less thing to worry [more...]
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Your KBUT Newscast for Monday, March 11
March 11, 2019

United Airlines are increasing their service in and out of the Gunnison Valley.

Colorado Counties speak out against Red-Flag bill.

Roof avalanche danger is high in the region, as several recent incidents have led to hospitalizations and one fatality. Meanwhile, historic avalanche conditions persist. 

Listen to the Newscast: 

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Your KBUT Newscast for Friday, March 8
March 8, 2019

The Silver Queen Chairlift at Crested Butte Mountain Resort remains closed.

Former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper kicked off his campaign for the presidency at a lively rally in downtown Denver Wednesday.

A growing number of Colorado counties have declared themselves as 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries in response to a red-flag bill in front of the state legislature.

Photo courtesy of Peter Landsman /

Listen to the Newscast:

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Play Reading Recalls Historic, Controversial Production at Western
March 8, 2019

By Christopher Biddle

There are few plays in American literature that had quite the impact that "Angels in America" had in both the world of theatre and the mainstream.  For as much as its remembered for its brilliance, the two-part, seven-hour surrealist epic is also known for the controversy that surrounds it.

In 1996, Western Colorado University, then just a small state college, became the first school to stage both parts.

Heather Nicholson Hughes was in that production, that drew both protests and praise from [more...]
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Your KBUT Newscast for Thursday, March 7
March 7, 2019

Wet and heavy causes potential hazards in and out of the backcountry.

Lawmakers on a House committee moved ahead a bipartisan bill to protect patients from surprise medical bills.

Colorado’s Senate delegation has signed on to a new bill aimed at addressing contamination from toxic chemicals known as PFAS.

Listen the Newscast: 

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Your KBUT Newscast for Wednesday, March 6
March 6, 2019

Paonia Town officials say that residents who had their water shut off last week should have gotten it restored yesterday. They’re still being told to boil tap water before drinking it. 

Colorado lawmakers are set to begin debating a bill to end the death penalty. 

State lawmakers are hearing testimony this week on sweeping legislation that aims to tighten regulations on Colorado’s oil and gas industry. 

Yet another major winter storm impacts the region beginning today. 

Listen to the Newscast: 
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Your KBUT Newscast for Tuesday, March 5
March 5, 2019

Candace Bradley was sworn in as the newest member the Crested Butte Town Council on Monday.

Water leaks and drought dog the Town of Paonia.

Colorado Democrats are proposing new regulations on the oil and gas industry, including giving local governments more control over the location of wells.

Listen to the Newscast:

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Your KBUT Newscast for Monday, March 4
March 4, 2019

A Colorado State Patrol Sgt. will not face charges for a shooting that took place near Crested Butte on Thanksgiving. 

A bill that expands the sexual education curriculum in Colorado has cleared another hurdle at the state Capitol.

It’s official John Hickenlooper is running for President.
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Hickenlooper Makes Presidential Bid Official...Does He Have a Shot?
March 4, 2019

In a video posted online early Monday morning, former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States. 

KBUT spoke with reporter Matt Bloom from our sister station KUNC about Hickenlooper's politics, prospects, and campaign strategy. 

Photo: Then-Governer John Hickenlooper speaks to students, faculty, and the public at an event at Western Colorado University in Gunnison. Credit: Christopher Biddle

Listen to the story: 

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