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Sports Barrel - 11/14/18
November 14, 2018

The CBCS Titans Boys Soccer team are your 2018 2A Colorado State Champions, and they want to share the win with their town at a parade on Friday afternoon.

Posted by Jackson


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KBUT's West Elk Word: One Valley Prosperity Project
November 9, 2018

The One Valley Prosperity Project, or OVPP, was formed in 2014 as a collaborative effort to achieve, according to their website, "a more prosperous and successful future" for all communities valley-wide. Some of its focus areas include affordable housing, economic resiliency, and social services.

The OVPP recently released its 2018 State of the Valley Report. Gunnison Mayor Jim Gelwicks and Gunnison City Manager Russ Forrest dropped by the KBUT studios to talk about what's been accomplished so far and the work ahead.

They spoke with [more...]
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KBUT's West Elk Word: Project Hope
November 9, 2018

Project Hope of the Gunnison Valley is a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for individuals affected by relationship violence and sexual assault. The organization offers services such as crisis intervention, a safe shelter, food and clothing, and access to legal aid.

Outreach and Prevention Coordinator Jessica Wurtz talked to KBUT's Toni Todd about the organization's mission and initiatives.

Listen to the episode:
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Reframing the Masculinity and Mythology of the American West
November 9, 2018

By Samantha Clark for The Picture Show, photo stories from NPR
November 9, 2018

While artists and inventors were experimenting with cameras and film, pioneers were exploring uncharted territory in the American West. As a result, photography helped shape romanticized notions of the landscape and what it promised. There was this rationalization that if images could capture this wild place, so could men. Manifest is Kristine Potter's new monograph. The title references manifest destiny, the idea that settlers had a moral, God-given right to take control [more...]
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Shifting Demographics Give Coloradans Much to Reflect on Post-Election
November 9, 2018

Colorado Capitol Coverage Staff
November 8, 2018

Colorado experienced the “blue wave” many political experts predicted. The party won took control of both chambers of the legislature and elected Jared Polis to the governorship. Attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer were all claimed by Democrats. But when it came to left-leaning ballot issues, which sought to fund education, transportation and further regulate the oil industry, local voters were far more conservative.

According to data from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, voter turnout in this [more...]
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New Sheriff Promises Changes to North Valley Patrol Plans
November 8, 2018

Democrat John Gallowich won Tuesday’s election for Gunnison County Sheriff by a 5-1 margin.

He campaigned for sheriff largely on criticism of the current department’s plans to end a 40-year partnership with the Mt. Crested Police Department to patrol northern Gunnison Valley.

KBUT interviewed Gallowich the day after the election. He'd already met with the current sheriff, Rick Besecker. Although he wasn’t willing to be specific about his plans for the North Valley, he promised “something different” from the current administration's intent. He added that most of [more...]

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Water Managers Encourage BOCC to Ease Drought Burden on West Slope Ag
November 8, 2018

By Christopher Biddle, KBUT News

Water managers in the southwest U.S. are reporting record-low reservoir levels. Colorado’s Western Slope is no different.

The Colorado River District is one such public water management agency, and officials there believe others should share the burden. They recently met with the Gunnison County Board of Commissioners to encourage them to consider water conservation in land-use decisions, especially for residential developments.

Photo: Taylor Park Reservoir northeast of Gunnison is one of many Western Slope reservoirs with record-low levels this year. Credit: Christopher [more...]
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Colorado Election Wrap-Up
November 7, 2018

By Colorado Capitol Coverage Staff
November 7, 2018

Democrat Jared Polis is the governor-elect of Colorado. Meanwhile, ballot measures were met with mixed support: Transportation measures 109 and 110, along with oil and gas well setback measure Proposition 112 failed, while amendments Y and Z, which address partisan gerrymandering, passed.

Polis, a five-term congressman, ran on a platform with promises of universal health care, strict renewable energy standards and publicly-funded childhood education. He vowed to stand up to President Donald Trump on various issues, including health care. [more...]
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Sports Barrel - 11/7/18
November 7, 2018

The CBCS Titan's Boy's Soccer Team continued their dream season, edging out Denver Christian in the 2A State Semifinals. Now they're on their way to the championship game this Saturday at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Denver, playing against decades-long rival Telluride.

We're busting out every "do it" clip we have on this one!

Posted by Jackson
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New State Budget Proposal Unveiled, But be Prepared for Changes
November 5, 2018

By Scott Franz, Colorado Capitol Coverage
Nov 1, 2018

Gov. John Hickenlooper's administration unveiled a $31.4 billion budget proposal last Thursday morning at the State Capitol. The spending plan is 4.6 percent - or $1.4 billion - bigger than the budget proposal made at this time last year. Colorado Democrats are praising the budget proposal and its focus on education spending.

Other investments including adding more state troopers and $24 million in tax credits that aim to reduce childcare expenses for families making up to $150,000 a [more...]
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2018 Candidate Forum: BOCC Candidates Differ on Housing Solutions
November 1, 2018

By Christopher Biddle, KBUT News

Voters in Gunnison County will soon choose a new county commissioner to represent District 3. Democrat Roland Mason and Republican Bob Schutt are vying for the seat that will be left open when Republican Phil Chamberland retires.

At the 2018 KBUT/Crested Butte News candidate forum, Mason and Schutt fielded audience questions about how they would address the region’s affordable housing problem.

Listen to the entire candidate forum here.

Photo: Roland Mason (left) and Bob Schutt (right), candidates for county [more...]
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Sports Barrel for October 31
October 31, 2018

Titans Boys Soccer continues their post-season run and now head to the state semifinals this weekend. Titans Volleyball and Cross Country finish out their seasons, and Heath and Sparkles from the Crested Butte Horse Park make a splash at the Cowboy Dressage World Championships in California.

Posted by Jackson
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Election Day is This Tuesday
October 30, 2018

By Christopher Biddle, KBUT News

Voters have until 7:00 p.m. Tuesday November 6 to cast their votes for two county seats, state races, and a number of ballot initiatives. Gunnison County election officials started counting ballots Monday. Polling places are now open in both Gunnison and Crested Butte. According to Gunnison County Clerk Kathy Simillion, voters who haven't turned in their ballots by mail must now drop them off at their designated polling place.

Officials also point out that a difference in county and state labeling systems means some return envelopes sent with [more...]
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2018 Candidate’s Forum: Mykol Faces Scrutiny, Gallowich Pledges Reform
October 30, 2018

By Christopher Biddle, KBUT News

The two candidates for Gunnison County Sheriff fielded questions from citizens at a forum in Crested Butte October 21. Mark Mykol, the current undersheriff, told the audience that he’s been preparing for the job of sheriff his entire adult life. His opponent, John Gallowich, a part-time investigator for the Mt. Crested Butte Police Department, said the decision to end the county’s contract with them to police northern Gunnison Valley should be reconsidered.

The candidates also discussed staffing shortages at the department.

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Hear a Rebroadcast of 2018 Gunnison County Candidate Forum
October 29, 2018

Sheriff candidates John Gallowich and Mark Mykol and Roland Mason and Bob Schutt, running for county commissioner, met citizens in a recent forum in Crested Butte. The event was co-presented by KBUT and the Crested Butte News. Hear the entire forum below.

Part one:

Part two:
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How One Colorado Town is Tackling Suicide Prevention, With Kids
October 23, 2018

By Kirk Siegler, NPR News
October 23, 2018

Eight of the top ten states with the highest suicide rates in the nation are in the rural mountain West, including Colorado. The region has been labeled "the suicide belt." More than half of those surveyed in a poll conducted by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health said they knew someone personally affected by suicide.

In Grand Junction, the community has started to tackle their problem [more...]
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Wildland Fire Conference Addresses the Human Condition
October 23, 2018

By Christopher Biddle, KBUT News
October 2018

Organizers of the annual Colorado Wildland Fire Conference, held in Mt. Crested Butte last month, are shifting their focus toward caring for people affected by wildfire. The move comes as more people build homes adjacent to or within forested areas, even as fires increase.

Photo: George Baker, a former firefighter turned executive coach, was a keynote speaker at the 2018 Colorado Wildland Fire Conference. Credit: Christopher Biddle

Listen to the story:
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Hickenlooper Faces Questions in Gunnison on Overuse of Backcountry
October 23, 2018

By Christopher Biddle, KBUT News
October 23, 2018

John Hickenlooper, Colorado’s term-limited governor, delivered a speech on Colorado’s growing outdoor industry at Western Colorado University last week. The school recently unveiled the nation’s first outdoor industry master’s in business administration program. After the speech, Crested Butte Mayor Jim Schmidt told the governor, “We’re loving our backcountry to death.” Schmidt asked what plans the state has for mitigating damage by overuse. Hickenlooper didn't answer the question directly, but said the state hopes to expand on successes with private land [more...]

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Delta County Was Struggling. Then A Tech Company Brought New Jobs
October 21, 2018

By Kirk Siegler, NPR News
October 19, 2018
As heard on Morning Edition

To explain why folks in rural Delta County, Colo. are feeling a lot less anxious than they were a couple years ago, consider the story of Johnny Olivas. He's digging a line down a steep, dirt driveway, where he'll lay fiber optic cable into a home. His company, Lightworks Fiber, has begun installing badly needed broadband to this remote valley of deserts and aspen-cloaked mesas.

"I didn't know anything about fiber optic, but you [more...]
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For Two Colorado Residents, Economics, Emotions Drive Prop 112 Vote
October 21, 2018

By Matt Bloom, for Colorado Capitol Coverage
October 17, 2018

He owns a small business that does contract work for some of Colorado’s largest oil and gas companies. She runs a marketing firm from home and lives within a half-mile of three well pads. She’s voting yes on Proposition 112. He’s voting no. Colorado residents Roy Ramirez and Erika Deakin both want good futures for their families. Both want safe development of oil and natural gas. But both sit on opposite ends of the [more...]

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