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As Colorado's Unaffiliated Voters Grow, So Do Efforts to Engage Them
September 14, 2018

Cliff Redish is a political exile. He lives in a world that's colored Republican red and Democrat blue. He used to be a Democrat, but now he's unaffiliated. Perched on a barstool in a pub in Carbondale on Colorado's Western Slope, he's hesitant to even talk about it.

"We're so divided. It's just unbelievable. It's hard to even bring this up in a bar right now." - Cliff Reddish

He's part of a somewhat mysterious, often ignored, yet potentially powerful group in Colorado - roughly [more...]


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Western to Launch New School Thanks to Large Donation
September 13, 2018

Western State Colorado University recently unveiled plans for a new undergraduate program in computer science and engineering. The program is being created from a $80 million donation by Paul Rady, a 1978 graduate of the school. It's the largest donation in Western's history and one of the largest ever for a public university in Colorado.

The Paul M. Rady School of Computer Science and Engineering will offer degrees through the University of Colorado but students will attend courses at Western. The [more...]
Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Sports Barrel - 9/12/18
September 12, 2018

Titans Volleyball, Track, and Soccer continue their winning ways and get ready for Homecoming. Also, did you know John Goodman was the football coach in Revenge of the Nerds?

Posted by Jackson
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Former School Psychologist Pleads Guilty
September 11, 2018

Patrick Robinson, the former school psychologist whose vague threats of violence sparked a district-wide school lockout last December, pleaded guilty earlier this month to a class 3 misdemeanor, just before he was set to go to trial.

We sat down with reporter Cayla Vidmar, who’s been following the story for the Crested Butte News, who says that Robinson had been caught drinking on the job several times including on the day of the lockout.

Robinson’s sentencing date is September 13th at the Gunnison County Courthouse, and [more...]
Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Low Water Levels Cause Early Closures at Blue Mesa Reservoir
September 7, 2018

The reservoir west of Gunnison is currently at 39 percent capacity, a historic low that's prompted the closure of some facilities. The Iola Boat Ramp on the south shore of the reservoir is closed for the season and the Elk Creek Marina no longer offers fuel or public restrooms. Meanwhile, the store and restaurant - and the Lake Fork Marina - will close on September 10.

The National Park Service is encouraging boaters to move their watercraft away from low-water areas.

Sandy Snell-Dobert with the park service  [more...]
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Priorities Emerge at Brush Creek Work Session
September 6, 2018

The towns of Crested Butte and Mt. Crested Butte held a joint town council work session on Tuesday regarding the Corner at Brush Creek, a proposed affordable housing development at the corner of Highway 135 and Brush Creek Road.

While no decisions were made, topics at Tuesday’s meeting included the addition of an athletic field and/or intercept parking lot, the number of for-sale units as opposed to rentals and density. While the perfect number of units still evades the working groups, priorities for both towns are beginning to [more...]
Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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KBUT Jazz Host Roger Kahn on Colorado Jazz Musician's Festival
September 6, 2018

The Colorado Jazz Musician’s Festival is September 7, 8 and 9 in Crested Butte. the event showcases Colorado jazz artists such as Dana Landry, Wayne Wilkonson and more.

KBUT's Christopher Biddle sat down with Roger Kahn, host of the KBUT program Jazz on a Summer’s Eve to find out what to expect from the event.

KBUT is a co-sponsor of the jazz festival.

Listen to the interview.

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Sports Barrel - 9/5/18
September 5, 2018

Titans soccer and Volleyball are on a roll like turkey and cranberry. The North Face Grand Traverse Mountain Bike and Run crowns some champs, and SOMEBODY watched True Detective this week...

Posted by Jackson
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Watch or Listen Live: Kavanaugh Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings
September 4, 2018

The U.S. Senate has begun confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. A Federal Judge, Kavanaugh was nominated by President Trump to fill the seat recently vacated by Justice Anthony Kennedy.

NPR is providing live anchored coverage of the hearings through Thursday. KBUT is not airing it but you can listen below, as well as see a live video feed.
Special coverage is hosted by Rachel Martin and Sarah McCammon. Analysis is provided by [more...]
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The Animas: The West's Unluckiest River Takes A Beating
September 4, 2018

It’s been a rough summer for most western rivers. Drought conditions are pervasive throughout the region, and in some places still getting worse. The Animas River near Durango, Colorado has been particularly hard hit on a few fronts over the last few years. 

The Gold King Mine Spill was a stark reminder of the river’s long history of pollution from abandoned mines. This summer, the river’s water all but disappeared within Durango’s city limits, recording its record lowest flow in 107 years [more...]
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Extreme Drought Forces Tough Decisions for Land Managers
August 31, 2018

Gunnison County is under “extreme” drought conditions, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Parts of southwest Colorado are categorized as being in an “exceptional” drought, which according to the scale is worse than 

KBUT’s Christopher Biddle talked with Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District Director Frank Kugel, who said that the region is seeing widespread water shortages. That's forcing water managers to make tough decisions. Kugel added that severely dry conditions are a preview of what’s come in the next fifty years.

Photo: [more...]
Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Looming Epic Pass Price Increase Has Buyers on Edge
August 30, 2018

Skiers who haven't yet purchased new season passes at Crested Butte Mountain Resort could find themselves paying more than they expected. than they expected. The issue led CBMR officials to update their Frequently Asked Questions page last week.

Vail Resorts, whose purchase of CBMR is pending, says they will transfer all CBMR season passes to their Epic Pass package. But they decline to say whether they'll charge a fee for the transfer.

Epic Passes are currently less expensive than CBMR passes, but their price will be increased September 3. Both companies note that unlimited access to CBMR [more...]
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Is There Water Left To Be Developed In The Colorado River Basin?
August 29, 2018

Many water experts say the Colorado River is nearly tapped out. But not everyone agrees. A few developers say there are still places in the giant watershed to dam and divert water.

How does the Colorado River Basin have both too much water and not enough?

The answer lies in multi-state agreements that turn water into estimates in a ledger. But that water sometimes doesn't actually materialize. KUNC Reporter Luke Runyon explains.

Photo: Developer Aaron Million is proposing to divert 55,000 acre-feet of water from the Green [more...]
Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Some River Rafting Companies are Going With the Low Flow
August 29, 2018

Colorado is called "the mother of rivers" because it has more waterways than any other state. It's also one of the most popular states for river rafting. But the multi-million dollar industry is threatened by unprecedented growth, climate change, drought, and wildfire.

Despite low runoff this year, some rivers - and rafting outfitters - are getting the benefit of water releases from upstream reservoirs. Such releases are part of the Upper Arkansas Voluntary Flow Management program, an agreement between rafting outfitters, fish and wildlife conservationists, state [more...]
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Carbondale Immigrant Leaves Sanctuary After 10 Months
August 29, 2018

Sandra Lopez has been taking refuge in a church in Carbondale for more than ten months. The Mexican native sought sanctuary at the Two Rivers Unitarian Universalist Church because she fears being deported back to Mexico. She's lived in the U.S. since 1998. But after Lopez received assurances from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials saying she wasn't in imminent threat of deportation, she decided to leave the church. Lopez is one of four immigrant women taking sanctuary in Colorado.

Amy Hadden Marsh with community radio station KDNK reports.

Posted by Christopher Biddle -
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Sports Barrel - 8/29/18
August 28, 2018

Titans Soccer and Volleyball hit the road with mixed results. CB Devo shines in Frisco. Also, Hank gives Bobby some valuable advice.

Posted by Jackson
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Member of Famed 1960s Protest Group Talks Activism on Think Radio
August 24, 2018

Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin are fairly well-known and colorful names to those who know their history about the Vietnam War protests in the late 1960s. They were members of what was known as the "Chicago Seven," a prominent group of anti-war protestors who were charged with various crimes after the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

A lesser known member of the seven was Rennie Davis. But like Hoffman and Rubin, he was brought to trail to face charges of conspiracy, inciting violence and other charges. [more...]
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Outside In, Aug 19: Jeremi Suri on the American Presidency
August 24, 2018

On the final new episode of Outside/In for the 2018 season, we talk with Jeremi Suri, distinguished professor at the University of Texas and author of nine books on contemporary politics and foreign policy.

He talks about the challenges of the presidency in modern America.

Outside/In is a summer seasonal program produced by KBUT, featuring host Roger Kahn in conversation with guests from the Crested Butte Public Policy Forum. Hear archived episodes at our Outside/In page.

Listen to the episode: