TETWP Seeks Drivers for "Tuffy" to Transport Breast Cancer Patients

    Gunnison County is isolated. And that's likely more obvious for someone who needs transportation to breast cancer clinics or hospitals.

    The local chapter of Tough Enough To Wear Pink recently purchased "Tuffy" a Dodge Ram that can be checked out and driven to care facilities.

    Click here to volunteer to drive "Tuffy" and help transport breast cancer patients in Gunnison County.


    CB's Late Arbor Day Celebration and Other Tree News

    The town of Crested Butte celebrates Arbor Day in September, while the rest of the country praises our dendro friends in April. Here, in April, the ground is (hopefully) covered in snow and frozen.

    The town will also be re-planting trees that were removed from Town Park. Learn about the town's tree program on today's local news cut.


    Toilets a Not-So-Easy Solution for Backcountry Poop Problem

    The Crested Butte Conservation Corps pulled a lot of human waste (think poop) out of the backcountry this summer, especially around trailheads. One solution to the poop problem could be installing toilets at trailheads.

    Putting a toilet in the backcountry isn't as easy as it sounds. It has to go through an environmental review, be purchased, installed, maintained, and emptied.

    Learn about how the Conservation Corps battled the poop problem and potential solutions in-the-works on today's local news.


    HCCA Responds to Potential West Elk Mine Expansion

    HCCA Public Lands Director Matt Reed says the organization will file against the Forest Service's draft decision to allow the BLM to approve a 1700 acre mine expansion near Somerset.  Reed cites environmental disruption in lands managed under a roadless rule (albeit, a flexible roadless rule), unnecessary royalty reducations that take money away from taxpayers, and the lack of language that would require methane capture from the state's number one methane polluter.
     (Photo:  US Forest Service)

    Information on how to comment, the environmental impact statement, and more on the draft decision can be found here.


    Colorado Is Putting In Bid For Amazon HQ2, But Some Aren’t Sold

    Merchandising giant Amazon wants to open a second headquarters – called Amazon HQ2 -- outside of Seattle. Colorado is pulling together what it hopes is a winning bid, but it’s a competitive venture.

    Click the play button below to hear the full story.
    (Photo:  Amazon HQ in Seattle / Amazon)


    'Bowl Bash' to Fund Skate Park Renovations

    The Crested Butte skate park has seen its fair share of airs, grabs, flips, and grinds over the years; But the once pre-eminent park has also seen better days. Some local skaters have taken it upon themselves to do something about it.

    Their solution: the resurrection of the Crested Butte Bowl Bash, a fundraiser and friendly competition to raise money and awareness for the plight of their beloved park. KBUT's Christopher Biddle has more. 

    (Photo Courtesy of TownofCrestedButte.com)


    Forest Service Releases Draft Decision On Possible Coal Mine Expansion

    The decision consents to the BLM - if they choose to allow the expansion to happen at Arch Coal's West Elk Mine in Western Gunnison County. The draft decision states that temporary roads will be allowed in the North Fork Coal Mining Area, a subset of the Sunset Roadless Area. There are no provisions requiring methane capture or flaring in this draft decision.

    If the expansion is allowed, it's estimated that over 10 million tons of coal will be extracted and that the life of the mine will be extended 1.6 years.

    More information on the draft decision and how to object to the draft decision can be found here.


    The Latest From "The West Elk Word" - KBUT's Community Affairs Program

    Sustainable Crested Butte
    Benjamin Swift, Gabi Prochaska and Sarah Oktay join us from the fledgling-but-already- influential organization dedicated to making Crested Butte a waste-free town. There's a long way to go, yet great progress is being made, idea by idea. These three from Sustainable Crested Butte are here to tell us how.

    HCCA Public Lands Director Matt Reed
    Matt Reed, Director of Public Lands for High County Conservation Advocates, discusses a wide range of public lands issues, from the new GMUG forest plan, to coal mining on the public lands, to forest health, to sustainable tourism.


    County Explains Proposal, Process Regarding Brush Creek Parcel

    Public concern has been raised over a proposed 240 unit rental complex - 65% of which will be affordable housing - which could be located at the intersection of Brush Creek Road and Highway 135.

    In this conversation, Gunnison County Director of Community Development Cathie Pagano discusses the proposal and the process a proposal like this goes through. She also responds to public scrutiny that the proposal has been fast-tracked, and she lays out what the next steps in this process are, including how the public can be involved.

    Listen by clicking PLAY below.  


    Coal Downturn Series Part 3: Adjusting to Loss of Tax Revenue

    The recent closure of a mine – and a soon to be closed power plant in Montrose County – could cut tax revenue as much as 70 percent. Both local and state groups are laboring to find a replacement economy in a region that’s not used to rapid change.


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