Jackson Petito

Host of "Midnight Mixtape"

Thursdays, 10:30 pm - 12:30 am

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Show Description: 
As much music as I can get on air before the BBC takes over. Everything, anytime. Don't like what you're hearing? Stay tuned; something completely different's up next.

What bands could a listener expect to hear on the show? 
Just about any band, any genre. 

What bands will a listener NEVER hear on the show?
Probably not much current pop. You're also unlikely to hear any modern country. I used to have a strict no Dead policy, but even that has relaxed. I can guarantee you'll never hear any Meredith Brooks.

Favorite Beverage?
Water. Beer and Bourbon are pretty good, though.
How long have you been a DJ?
1994 - 2002, 2014 - 

Crested Butte, CO
Random thought?
On a long enough timeline, we're all tourists here

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