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    Your KBUT Newscast for Friday, March 22

    The federal government has approved adding more than 17-hundred acres to the controversial West Elk Mine in Gunnison County.

    Democrats at the statehouse on Tuesday introduced a bill that sets an ambitious goal for combatting climate change in Colorado.

    Mesa Verde National Park is one crucial step closer to having its own special license plate.

    Photo Credit: Christopher Biddle

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    Your KBUT Newscast for Thursday, March 21

    Colorado lawmakers have unveiled a bipartisan proposal to spend more money on roads, public schools and colleges.

    A bill to re-write the rules for sexual harassment complaints at the state capitol is expected to be be introduced this week.

    A selection committee for Lot 22, the county’s workforce housing project on a 5 acre parcel of land in North Gunnison, has chosen to work with Gatesco a Houston-Texas based developer with ties to the Gunnison Valley.

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    Your KBUT Newscast for Wednesday, March 20

    The Bridges of the Butte Townie Tour, an annual bike race marathon and fundraiser thrown by the Adaptive Sports Center, wil run only 12 hours this year instead of the usual 24. 

    Southwestern water managers are asking Congress to help finish a drought contingency plan for the Colorado River.

    The Gunnison Board of County Comissioners voted to sign grant applications for the Shady Island River Park in North Gunnison. 

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    Sports Barrel - 3/20/19

    Kochevar's takes the Town League Hockey Crown while Titans Track and Field and Girls' Soccer start their seasons with success on the road. Looking ahead, the 45th Annual Al Johnson Uphill/Downhill race is this weekend, and Than lays out the deets.

    Listen Here:

    Your KBUT Newscast for Tuesday, March 19

    Colorado has officially joined a group of states that would have the national popular vote to determine the presidency.

    Mentally ill people stuck in Colorado's jails while they await treatment before trial are set to get a reprieve.

    Renovations to future mental health therapy spaces in Crested Butte are underway. The Center For Mental Health, a Western Slope Non-profit that serves six counties, will run the facility.

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    Your KBUT Newscast for Monday, March 18

    State leaders visited Gunnison on Saturday. It was Gov. Jared Polis' first visit to the Gunnison Valley since being sworn in earlier this year. 

    Uncertainty over the governor’s top budget priority comes after a weaker than expected revenue forecast was released on Friday.

    We're past the hump. The number of visitors to the Gunnison Valley will steadily drop to less than three thousand by next Sunday. 

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    Governor, State Reps. Talk Full-Day Kindergarten in Gunnison

    By Christopher Biddle

    Jared Polis on Saturday made his first visit to the Gunnison Valley since assuming governorship earlier this year. He appeared alongside democratic Reps. Barbara McLachlan and Julie McCluskie at Western Colorado University. They answered questions from the audience and rallied for support of upcoming legislation.

    Among the most talked about bills was one aimed at providing free full-day kindergarten to Coloradans, something Polis has called his primary goal for this legislative session.

    The Governor’s own economic forecast, released on Friday, show’s enough money for the plan, but another, more cautious report from the legislature casts doubt. McLachlan, a democrat from Durango, is expected to introduce the bill with co-sponsor Jim Wilson, a republican of Salida in the coming weeks.

    Photo: Governor Jared Polis speaks to an audience in Gunnison on Saturday, joined by Reps. Barbara McLachlan and Julie McCluskie. Credit: Christopher Biddle

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