Sports Barrel - 11/14/18

    The CBCS Titans Boys Soccer team are your 2018 2A Colorado State Champions, and they want to share the win with their town at a parade on Friday afternoon.

    KBUT's West Elk Word: One Valley Prosperity Project

    The One Valley Prosperity Project, or OVPP, was formed in 2014 as a collaborative effort to achieve, according to their website, "a more prosperous and successful future" for all communities valley-wide. Some of its focus areas include affordable housing, economic resiliency, and social services.

    The OVPP recently released its 2018 State of the Valley Report. Gunnison Mayor Jim Gelwicks and Gunnison City Manager Russ Forrest dropped by the KBUT studios to talk about what's been accomplished so far and the work ahead.

    They spoke with Toni Todd for West Elk Word, KBUT's premiere local public affairs interview show. Hear archived episodes of West Elk Word.

    Download a copy of the OVPP State of the Valley Report.

    Listen to the episode:

    KBUT's West Elk Word: Project Hope

    Project Hope of the Gunnison Valley is a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for individuals affected by relationship violence and sexual assault. The organization offers services such as crisis intervention, a safe shelter, food and clothing, and access to legal aid.

    Outreach and Prevention Coordinator Jessica Wurtz talked to KBUT's Toni Todd about the organization's mission and initiatives.

    Listen to the episode:

    Reframing the Masculinity and Mythology of the American West

    By Samantha Clark for The Picture Show, photo stories from NPR
    November 9, 2018

    While artists and inventors were experimenting with cameras and film, pioneers were exploring uncharted territory in the American West. As a result, photography helped shape romanticized notions of the landscape and what it promised. There was this rationalization that if images could capture this wild place, so could men. Manifest is Kristine Potter's new monograph. The title references manifest destiny, the idea that settlers had a moral, God-given right to take control of the continent. Continuing her previous explorations of masculinity, with Manifest, she rethinks the American symbol of the cowboy and the aura of his home on the range. The contemporary pioneers we meet in the photographs live off the land too, working in farming, mining and ranching.

    However, their masculinity doesn't just come from a stoic strength like the cowboy archetype. Potter set out to show that masculinity exists on a spectrum. She became friends with some of the men, and others she met just once. Being on the Western Slope of Colorado alone with someone cultivates a kind of trust and openness that allows these pictures to happen, she said.

    Photo: In her new book Manifest, photographer Kristine Potter subverts the male gaze that has shaped the typical narrative of the American West. Credit: Kristine Potter

    See the photo essay...

    Shifting Demographics Give Coloradans Much to Reflect on Post-Election

    Colorado Capitol Coverage Staff
    November 8, 2018

    Colorado experienced the “blue wave” many political experts predicted. The party won took control of both chambers of the legislature and elected Jared Polis to the governorship. Attorney general, secretary of state and state treasurer were all claimed by Democrats. But when it came to left-leaning ballot issues, which sought to fund education, transportation and further regulate the oil industry, local voters were far more conservative.

    According to data from the Colorado Secretary of State’s office, voter turnout in this election was split three ways: Two parts were equally Republican and Democrat and the third share for unaffiliated voters like Cook was the largest. That’s a first in state history.

    Photo: Governor-elect Jared Polis with running mate Dianne Primavera at the Democratic watch party in Denver. Credit: Courtesy of Polis for Colorado.

    New Sheriff Promises Changes to North Valley Patrol Plans

    Democrat John Gallowich won Tuesday’s election for Gunnison County Sheriff by a 5-1 margin.

    He campaigned for sheriff largely on criticism of the current department’s plans to end a 40-year partnership with the Mt. Crested Police Department to patrol northern Gunnison Valley.

    KBUT interviewed Gallowich the day after the election. He'd already met with the current sheriff, Rick Besecker. Although he wasn’t willing to be specific about his plans for the North Valley, he promised “something different” from the current administration's intent. He added that most of his conversation with Besecker was about ensuring a smooth transition.

    The contract with the Mt. Crested Butt Police is set to expire December 31. Gallowich will be sworn in January 8.

    Listen to the story: 

    Water Managers Encourage BOCC to Ease Drought Burden on West Slope Ag

    By Christopher Biddle, KBUT News

    Water managers in the southwest U.S. are reporting record-low reservoir levels. Colorado’s Western Slope is no different.

    The Colorado River District is one such public water management agency, and officials there believe others should share the burden. They recently met with the Gunnison County Board of Commissioners to encourage them to consider water conservation in land-use decisions, especially for residential developments.

    Photo: Taylor Park Reservoir northeast of Gunnison is one of many Western Slope reservoirs with record-low levels this year. Credit: Christopher Biddle.

    Listen to the story:

    This story is part of Western Slope Resources Reporting, a collaborative project with KBUT, KSJD and four other radio stations focusing on natural resources in rural Colorado. Hear other stories in this series:


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